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Folklore is Alive! / Jolana Součková

Renata Gyöngyösi (HU): Metallic Folklore, 2010The Czech Centre Prague opened the exhibition about folklore and its inspirations for contemporary design from the Visegrad countries in March 2011. Design Cabinet.CZ and curator Dita Hálová prepared the exhibition. They invited foreign partners to participate in the project: the ÚĽUV Bratislava (Slovakia), Cepelia (Poland), Design Institut MOME (Hungary). The curator also invited the Czech school that have folklore traditions as part of their curriculum.

The exhibition travelled from Prague to Stockholm. Visitors in Slovakia may come to see it in the premises of the ÚĽUV in Bratislava. Then, the exhibition travels to Brussels, Warsaw and Budapest.

Poland comes with a unique set of textile and clothing accessories. Slovakia displays wooden products, ceramics and porcelain, similarly to the Czech Republic. Hungary presents breathtaking paper clothes. They also display Metallic Folklore by Renáta Gyöngyösi, the clothes that have been recently awarded at the exhibition for young designers Terminal (the clothes are part of the poster inviting for the exhibition).

Dita Hálová: „Folklore is Alive! is the exhibition the purpose of which was to initiate discussion whether it is possible to establish common tradition of top-standard craftsmanship, avoiding prejudices against folklore, simple and provincial lifestyle. Selection of works from four countries from the central Europe is the evidence that such mission may be possible. Generation of young designers have found inspiration in folklore and crafts for their work.“






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