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Creative spare-time activities / Eva Pančuhová

Tinker´s works by Juraj Šerík from Čadca (northwest Slovakia)At the turn of May and June each year, the Museum of Liptov region in the town of Ružomberok have hosted for three decades two rotating exhibitions - Children making folk items and Creative spare-time activities. Items that are registered at national competitions are presented at the exhibitions. Requirements are: authors must get inspiration from the existing traditions of their regions, they must be under 15 and the works with which they apply must not be older than 2 years. The competition was divided into the categories of wood, wicker, straw, cornhusk, metal, clay, textile, leather and glass. The jury assessed 452 works from 78 authors and shortlisted 402 works from 75 authors. Remarkable woven and embroidered tablecloths and sewn textile toys were registered for the textile category. Less works from wood, wicker, straw and cornhusk than before were registered this year. The same applies to the items from metal and wire. Only one item from clay was registered for the competition.

Methodological coordinators from the regional community centres play an important role in this event. Many of them invited gifted and skilled people to participate in the previous years of the competition. Therefore, the jury selected one methodological coordinator to be awarded the prize for the longtime excellent work.






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