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Bonnet and wedding ring – a new story / Juraj Čarný

Graduation project of Monika HanečkováGraduation project of Monika Hanečková combines destinies of past and present days. It is not a formal artwork. The project involves an idea, mission, objective and the concept. It is the project built on a story, or stories. It revives the items from the past – the found, useless, eliminated and unusable items. She uses fragments of bonnet which once had a symbolic meaning for those who used to wear it, promotes it into the world of free visual art and gives it a new life. She says: „I have transformed a bonnet, once a symbol for a married female from rural environment, into a wedding ring, a symbol of a married woman now, using contemporary technologies, materials and manual work.“ Monika Hanečková has jewellery design education and she has always believed in unconventional work with it. She has broken the limits, experimented, analysed and come with innovative ideas.






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