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Amália Schönová – Cutwork fabrics introduced in a new environment / Anna Chlupová

Linen tablecloth made by A. Schönová, 2001Amália Schönová (1936) was raised in the village of Čierny Balog where she now lives. It is the region where weaving was a typical female work. She learnt every local weaving and patterning technique from her mother. A. Schönová has healthcare education and worked as a nurse in a dentist´s practice for a long time. She revived her weaving skills when she retired. A. Schönová has made simple blankets, tablecloths and dishcloths. She started to work with the cutwork technique which was typical for the east of Slovakia – the region of Trebišov, in 1989. It is the technique with no tradition in her birthplace. However, the cutwork technique allows her to apply her creative potential and ambitions. She has been awarded several times for her cutwork at many exhibitions and competitions. When she started collaboration with ÚĽUV visual artist J. Menkynová in 2007, a new creative period has started for A. Schönová. She has learnt how to arrange geometric motives, how to combine colour strips in a single item and how to avoid over-decorating. She was awarded the master of folk art production title for weaving in 2010.






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