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100% the way of(f)... / Mária Nepšinská

Adrián SillThe MEDIUM gallery in Bratislava hosted the exhibition of this year´s graduation projects of the students of textile design studio and textile space studio (the AFAD in Bratislava) headed by M.A. Mária Fulková, M.A. Blanka Cepková and ass. Mgr. Art. Eja Devečková this July. All the authors worked on the same topic, textile. However, they all have presented very different results. Several unique approaches and ideas presents, using various materials and forms, the opportunities of contemporary textile design. Following textile designers have presented their works at the exhibition: L. Cábová (clothing accessories and clothes), Ľ. Humeníková (patterns), A. Sill (sofas), M. Šmahovský (furniture accessories), Z. Šišovská (relaxation tools) and L. Keťková-Hrivnáková (textile object).






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