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Room of curiosities in the Gallery X by Eva Trilecová

Katarína Orolínová: Odores Coquina  The textile space studio at the textile department of the AFAD in Bratislava was processing the topic Room of curiosities the result of which were presented at the exhibition of the same name in the Gallery X. Some of the artworks have been inspired by folk art. Students are those who search inspiration in folk art. It is family or study of textile techniques that form their approach to folk art. For example, student Henrieta Kurčíková has found out that the tool for killing flies changes name with each region of Slovakia. She believes that it is related to the embroideries on bonnets of the same regions. The most decorated part of a bonnet reminds of a tool for killing flies. In her project Old love will not be forgotten, student Ľubomíra Abrahámová reflects the beauty and uniqueness of folk culture, specifically folk costume from the region of Trnava.






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