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Majolica plastic art - Jitka Petrikovičová by Dana Doricová

Jitka Petrikovičová: White Flower, 1976Jitka Petrikovičová (1926) studied at the School of industrial art in Brno. When she graduated (1946), she worked as a researcher of folk art and did designs for the Folk and Art Production Centre in the town of Uherské Hradište. When she married in 1950, she moved to the town of Martin where she has lived until now. She did textile and ceramic designs and was inspired by folk art. She has worked as a freelancer and ceramic maker since 1961.
She introduced majolica and jug making into the contemporary art in 1972. Folk art inspired plastic artwork work as the start of further development. She used jug-inspired shapes and added wheel-made and hand-formed elements. She also made impressive compositions from flowers and trees.
Jitka Petrikovičová made 16 large plastic artworks of which the Tree of 155cm height was the tallest sculpture in 1974. She departed from folk inspirations, but she preserved their logic.
She also worked with reliefs and plates. Reliefs form the numerous part of her work. An important creative development came in 1976. Jitka Petrikovičová turned to the plastic sculpture made on a potter´s wheel. Crackle-glazed items are another part of her ceramic artwork.






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