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Lace from Skýcov by Alena Rybáriková

Women´s sleeves, Skýcov, beginning of the 20th centuryNetted lace was used for making women’s sleeves and men’s skirts in the village of Skýcov (district of Zlaté Moravce, western Slovakia) and neighbouring villages. Some experts believe the netted lace is only a step toward the sewn lace. Technique of netting was popular in the rural environment; however, the use of the technique was limited to several regions. The netted lace from Skýcov is different from the nets from other regions. No netting needle, a roller or a pin were necessary. A simple sewing needle and home-made or commercial white cotton yarn was used to make it. Colour yarns were used to make end rows – Skýcov used red and black yearns and lace makers from the village of Klátová Nová Ves used yellow yearn to make two last rows. The shape of net determined the embroidery on the net. A special stitch and a thicker cotton yarn were used to make it. Older sleeves were decorated with red-and-black embroidery. More lively colours were used for the newer sleeves. Wool was also used to make embroidery on sleeves. Yellow-and-orange combination of colours on men’s skirts has remained unchanged.






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