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Design by ÚĽUV

by Dana Kľučárová
Leather bag, design by Jana Menkynová, made by Ján Krepop, 1977Janka Menkynová was an active visual artist in the Centre for Folk Art Production in Bratislava for amazing period of 42 years. She got acquainted with wide range of traditional materials and her manifold prototypes enhanced design in the ÚĽUV. She focused on designing small series of functional folk art items. Purpose the author always had on mind was to invent as useful shape of an item as possible and to make design that would reflect the needs and taste of modern people and that would respect traditional materials and techniques. She established a lively cooperation with makers who transformed her designs into real products. Third retrospective exhibition of J. Menkynová was opened in the mid March 2011 in the ÚĽUV Gallery.






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