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A dream about China that has come true by Gabriela Luptáková

Exhibition in the Museum of Ceramics of the Eastern EuropeThe worldwide centre of ceramic museums has been erased at the premises of a ceramic factory, on the outskirts of one-million Chinese city of Fuping. The factory produces bricks, construction items, roofing materials, glazed and variously decorated hand-made or hand-formed objects. All museums erased so far have been made of bricks from the factory and have very impressive architecture. The purpose of the international symposium at which Gabriela Luptáková, Anna Horváthová and Michal Kušík were invited was to make displays for a new museum, the Museum of Ceramics of the Eastern Europe. 27 ceramists from Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Romania, Hungary, Czech Republic and Slovakia were invited for the symposium. North America, Canada, Australia, Western Europe, Scandinavia, Germany, France, Italy and China have their exhibitions in the museums. All displays have been made at the similar symposiums in the factory from local materials and burnt according to local conditions. This year’s participants of the symposium have used four types of earthenware and two porcelains. Three gas kilns or factory kiln were used for burning items. An imposing opening of the exhibition was organised at the end.






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