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The harvest festival by Darina Arce

Brooch by Daniela MládenkováThe Harvest festival is the name of the exhibition which symbolises “harvest” in the Design Studio ÚĽUV (December 2010). The exhibition combines the work of four young visual artists. Daniela Mládenková presented the jewellery collection. She is evidently inspired by nature, fauna and flora motives. She adds rare metals to natural materials and combines natural and artificial materials into very unique art pieces. Pavla Lazárková Trizuljaková came with the personal concept of assemblages combined from “what I found at our house” pieces. She combines ordinary kitchen things such as grains, fruits, flour, coffee or dust and makes pictures from them. Andrea Vitteková made a collection of two interconnected worlds from black and white pillows, -the symbols of home, comfort and tranquillity. Jana Zaujecová combines wool felt, paper and other materials into art objects. She combines white and black parts, puts other materials on them, reshaping them and imprinting simplified pictures onto surface.




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