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Norwegian and Slovak project TEXNORSK comes to an end by Mária Fulková

Blueprint textile by Dominika MartanováProject One space - many ways is the result of work of two universities, i.e. The Telemark University College in Rauland and The Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava. The Norwegian Department of folk culture and Slovak Department of textile work presented the work of their students they had done within TEXNORSK project supported by The NIL Fund for the support of cooperation in education. Exhibition One space - many ways held in the Skinnarlandsamlinga gallery in Rauland between 22 September and 04 October 2010 displayed the artworks of Norwegian and Slovak students dealing with the fact that the Norwegian and Slovak textile traditional technologies such as blueprint, bobbin-lace, felting, traditional Norwegian knitting and weaving are going to extinct. The displays presented at the exhibitions were made during the workshops and study visits of Norwegian and Slovak students at both universities. Blueprint textiles were the most numerous group of displays at the exhibition. Students from Norway came to contact with this technique for the first time and made their textiles using the original printing technology and self-made wood moulds. The Slovak students, familiar with this technique, decided to use silk-screen printing and wood moulds experimenting. The project that had lasted for almost two years ended in December 2010.




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