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Božena Adamicová - Embroidered Easter eggs by Nora Čechmánková

Easter eggs decorated by Božena AdamicováBožena Adamicová (1934) was born in the village of Moravské Lieskové. Her career included being a teacher and a principal at several elementary schools. Her grand parents and traditions of her native region introduced her to folk art. Božena Adamicová became interested in decorating eggs with grass from swamp. When she was not successful in it, she decided to decorate eggs with stranded cotton. While decorating eggs, she uses colours of her native region and traditional embroidery patterns. She shares her skill of decorating Easter eggs with stranded cotton with enthusiasts of all ages. She had had handwork lectures for children and women in Moravské Lieskové and Bratislava where she currently lives. She wrote book about folk textile and clothes Ľudový textil a odev v Moravskom Lieskovom (2000). Božena Adamicová started her collaboration with the ÚĽUV in 1997. Božena Adamicová was awarded the Master of folk art production in the field of Easter eggs decorating in 2010.




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