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Benches in Devín by Adriena Pekárová

Benches placed at the square in Devín, made by Jakub and Oto BachoríkBorough of Devín, a suburb of Bratislava, lies near the confluence of the Morava and Danube river and the ruins of Devín Castle. This combination of natural and historical monuments makes this site a very specific place. Among other characteristics of the borough is the fact that several active visual artists such as sculptors, painters, ceramists and blacksmiths have their residence here. An idea of improving the small square in front of the church to become a true meeting place for residents belongs to the latest Devín-related activities. Many events for locals and visitors are organised at the square. Besides, various events important for this municipality are held here, too. In 2010, some local artists (Jakub and Oto Bachoríkovci, Igor and Adam Čierny, Ivan Pavle, Milan Kosmel, Peter Roller, Peter Strassner and siblings Gabriel Strassner and Lucia Fabiánová-Strassnerová) made bench designs for the square. Each of the benches represents a statue and a place to sit, is typical for the work of a respective author and is, in some way, inspired by Devín.




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