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Valéria Gyurusiová

by Nora Čechmánková

Cornhusk basket made by V. GyurusiováValéria Gyurusiová is a native to the village of Nesvady in the south of Slovakia which is a region of extensive thin-bent cornhusk. Production of cornhusk articles was popular in this region in the second half of the 20th century when it was a source of additional income for men and women. Valéria Gyurusiová learnt to make cornhusk when she was a 13-14-year old girl from her mother and her grandmothers. Production range of that time was limited to bags and mats. Her cooperation with the ÚĽUV started in 1995. She can make several knitting patterns and makes baskets of various shapes (oval, round, angular) and sizes, mats and bags. She was awarded the master of folk art production title in 2009.



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