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Lace by Božena Janeková

by Oľga Danglová

Tablecloths decorated with lace inspired by the Spiš region motifs. Designed by B. Janeková, 1991, made by J. MajerskáVisual artist – designer Božena Janeková (*1929) was the key person in the ÚĽUV who was defining what was important in the organisation in terms of artistic ideas and production principles in the field of lace making. She graduated from the Secondary school for female occupations in Bratislava and started to work as a drawer of folk costumes in the ÚĽUV in 1950. In 1956 – 1957, Janeková was delegated by the ÚĽUV to study at prestigious Institution of Art Production in the city of Prague. Božena Janeková got familiar with the advanced and modern Czech lace making school, leant more about the bobbin and trolley lace making and improved her drawing and designing skills. Janeková made use of such knowledge when she was promoted to be the head of lace making department in 1959.
Božena Janeková was a member of the prolific generation of visual artists working for the ÚĽUV in the golden period of the 1960s and 1970s.
From the beginning of her career, Janeková sought to identify the most suitable lace for practical daily use. She made many designs of utility and decorative textiles such as dining sets, covers, table cloths for households. Therefore, she prefers flex, hemp and cotton threads for low maintenance costs.
Starting from the 1970s, B. Janeková has expanded her designs by adding free-style textile work. She started with lace pictures, bobbin-lace miniatures and wall draperies. Textile jewellery won a special place in the work of B. Janeková.
Textiles made according to the designs of B. Janeková were displayed at single and collective exhibitions organised by the ÚĽUV in Slovakia and abroad. Actual range of products in the ÚĽUV includes textiles made according to her designs.



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