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A ceramic tale from Prévelles

by Gabriela Luptáková

Homage to Water, by Gabriela Luptáková, placed in the Garden of statues in PrévellesA biennial of ceramists was established eight years ago in Prévelles, a small village near Le Mans, France, by local ceramist Philippe Ménard. Each two years, the local association of ceramists selects a country from which they invite a ceramist for a three-month stay after which an exhibition of his/her work for the three months is displayed publicly. In addition, the association selects four ceramists from the same country and invites them to attend the exhibition with their work. The exhibition is also attended by four French prominent ceramists. Besides, four traditional potters from the same country and four French potters are invited. Contemporary art and traditional folk art stand side by side, as equal arts. The French feel high esteem for this old craft.
Gabriela Luptáková was invited for the three-month stay in 2010, as part of the biennial. Anna Horváthová, Veronika Selingerová, Milica Podstrelencová a Ilja Holešovský, Daniela Jakubcová, Marian Liška, František Špička and Juraj Maco were invited for the symposium and the exhibition.



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