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Wire and plate by Mária Nepšinská

Continuous work of Júlia Kunovská

Bowl “Ballerina” by Júlia KunovskáJúlia Kunovská displayed her work from the period between 1985 and 2010 at the author exhibition Wire and plate (in the K-Gallery in Bratislava). She presented smaller dining pieces and jewellery. She gets inspiration from traditional crafts and transforms them into the contemporary visual art. Her metal bowls Ballerina (2010) refer to the wining bowl Torso (1999), have various twists embedded into thee types of „chocolate boxes“ designed for salty crackers or sweets. Similar shapes and colours are typical for trays Levit and for small dining items. The metal serving table Butler (2000 – 2007) was the only representative of larger interior items displayed at the exhibition. 



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