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Tribute to Valéria Z. Benáčková by Irena Pišútová

Valéria Benáčková: Winter time 
Valéria Benáčková (1925) is, without exaggerating, the leading person among the female glass painters. As a teacher of drawing by occupation, she had strong feelings for art. Therefore, she got interested in the old Slovak folk glass paintings in the late 1970s. She did not make reproductions of old glass paintings, but she transformed traditional motives according to her own creative style. She entered the glass painting art with the specific style of her.
Valéria Benáčková was not raised in the folk or rural environment. She does not pretend to be part of it, but she is very much interested in it and has it in her paintings. She is not a folk artist. She is a visual artist who is skilled in all types of glass painting and in folk traditions. The exhibition presenting her lifelong work is open for general public in the ÚĽUV Gallery until 11 September 2010.



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