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The jubilee of the doyen of the folk art production

Wood products by Jozef LenhartJozef Lenhart (1920) was raised in a traditional family of shepherds. His admiration for the art of shepherds has influenced his creative work. In 1954, he was among the first people who started cooperation with the ÚĽUV and who were awarded the master of folk art production title. The wide range of his products includes mugs, cooking spoons, cheese forms, salt shakers, buckles and jewellery, belts, shepherd bags and crooks, scourges, fujara flutes and pipes, bagpipes, flasks, shoes, powder flasks and horns. Lenhart gets inspiration from the art of shepherds while making other types of products such as women´s handbags, bracelets, rings and combs. He celebrates the great age of his life this year.



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