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Surprising inspirations by tradition

Andrea Ševčíková: Covers for PC 
Two projects from the summer presentation of works of the textile studios of the AFAD in Bratislava
Student of free style textile work studio Ľubomíra Abrahámová presented her creative concept inspired by traditional folk embroidery and folk costumes, however, with a surprising result. While working on the No end for old flame installation, Abrahámová used an embroidery technique using gold and silver threads which used to be applied on folk costumes of the Trnava region. The folk costume she made is from metal grid and is decorated with metal ornaments. The item got rusty to remind of the time...
The collection of Andrea Ševčíková is made using the techniques of blueprint and silkprint on white linen and was the summer project at the AFAD in Bratislava. The objective of the author was to design covers for computers.



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