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Eva Kramplová by Eva Ševčíková

– „glued“ to clay

Mugs designed by Eva Kramplová, 1989, faience.Eva Kramplová got job in the ÚĽUV as a graduate of the ceramics department of the Secondary school of applied arts in Bratislava in 1972. She spent almost four decades working as a visual artist in this institution. Eva Kramplová produced her initial designs of pottery products in the late 1970s. Most of the time, she got inspiration from the ceramics made in the village of Pozdišovce and from the pottery production in Nová Baňa and Brehy. Kramplová also got inspiration from the pottery products in the Gemer region and from the less popular regions producing traditional ceramic products. She selected traditional shapes and decorations which she transformed into moderately decorated and functional products.
In the 1980s, she started to collaborate with majolica makers to produce new majolica designs. The range of new majolica products includes specific designs of makers and designs made by Eva Kramplová. She preserved the majolica-typical forms, however, she, similarly to her pottery products, used a unifying element (decoration or shape) to produce collections from which a costumer might choose and combine them into own sets of products. „I believe it is success when a product I have designed is produced and sold after a long time. It is not unusual when a maker even does not remember we made it together.“



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