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Complexity keeps one attentive by Nora Čechmánková

Costumes designed by Milan Čorba for the film Not Far to Heaven Professor Milan Čorba (1940, Bratislava) is one of the leading Slovak costume and set designers. He has been the production designer of many TV shows, films and theatre performances. Some of them are folk life-related theatre plays and movies. He gave us an interview about such type of work. “You have to stick to facts and details to make it work. And, when it works laics cannot distinguish between an original and a copy. To violate a rule, a technology or a trick, you have to know them well. Then, you can adapt or simplify it, but you have to produce systematic work. When you have no idea about it and do only intuitive work, it definitely will not work. I have always stuck to the real world.“ „Now, folk life movies and plays are out of fashion. If the folk life related topic appears again, it will be differently adapted. I do not believe that such topic has vanished. People have it inside them and if they want a movie will be made.“



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