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Roads... by Adriena Pekárová

Iveta Miháliková: Rukai, 2009The exhibition of the works Iveta Miháliková made at her four-month stay in Taipei, Taiwan was organised at the turn of April and May in Bratislava. Two-dimensional artworks evoked tapestries by sewn-lace symmetric geometric composition, colours of wire and glass beads, shells and buttons. They were replicas of clothes of the exotic tribes of Aborigines who live in Taiwan and who have maintained their identity until now. This exotic project has combined the specific elements of her previous work with the motives of the exotic culture. Iveta Miháliková has made them as a part of the international project of which she was the only foreign participant. The work of participants of the project must have related to Taiwan. She made 8 clothes for 4 and half months of her stay and got inspiration from the clothes of the original inhabitants of Taiwan.



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