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Research and documentation in the ÚĽUV

Girls festive folk dress from Turie Pole, water-colour by Viera Škrabalová, 1952Registering traditional crafts, productions and folk art in their original forms started soon after the ÚĽUV had been established in 1945. In addition to conducting research of traditional forms, the ÚĽUV was identifying and keeping records of producers. Detailed knowledge of working procedures and regional variations of products were important for creative work of visual artists as well as for revival of productions, if applicable, during the research or in future. In the decades to come, the ÚĽUV was collecting written, photographic materials and drawings and collections referring to various traditional productions and products. Profiles of outstanding makers and their productions are a specific part of the ÚĽUV´s work.
Two all-Slovak comprehensive researches are part of the history of work in the ÚĽUV. The first of the two was conducted between 1958 and 1966. People from the ÚĽUV came to every village and recorded the current and extinct productions, living makers, range and quality of products. The second research was conducted between 1981 and 1986. The research focused on the folk production and producers that/who were not included in the collaboration with the ÚĽUV. The purpose of the research was to find out which traditional productions people are interetsted in, which products they make, for what purpose, from which age and professional groups they are, etc.
Files including folk costumes are an important and voluminous part of the archives of the ÚĽUV. The organisation started to conduct the research of traditional clothes in the late 1940s and finished it in 1988. The research made during that period produced the archive of 95 types and versions of folk clothes and was used as source of practical knowledge to be used for sewing folk costumes for a new purpose, for example for folklore ensembles.
Now, the ÚĽUV keeps records of current productions at folk markets, social events and by conducting regional researches. And, internet is used as a new source of information about contemporary productions. In addition, research of the archives is to be conducted to record detailed history of folk art production in Slovakia, particularly the work of ÚĽUV.
Internal workers of the ÚĽUV did the most part of the researches.



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