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Following the track of a copybook by Alena Rybáriková

Embroidery copybook from Zliechov, 1934 – 1935 The copybook of the embroideries from the village of Zliechov is part of the collection of the ÚĽUV – of the Museum of the Folk Art Production in the town of Stupava. The material for the copybook was collected in a local school in Zliechov, under the guidance of teacher Elena Zubčeková. Girls from senior classes (class six to eight) were making embroideries for the copybook at their manual work classes around 1934 – 1935. The copybook comprises of patterns that were used in the village for making various parts of folk clothes. They were used at male skirts, female sleeves and aprons. The copybook was in dimensions of 70 x 184 cm. It is the evidence of patterns used in the 1930s, when the Zliechov-type embroidery flourished.



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