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Cal Lane: Welding-made lace by Jacqueline Ruyak

Cal Lane: Lace, oil drum, 2008Cal Lane was raised in Vancouver Island, the British Columbia, Canada. She graduated as a painter. However, she believed the course she had studied limits her abilities. Later, she studied to become a welder. She worked at construction sites and at ships. After that, she came back to the art school to study sculpture. She learnt about new materials, but she kept returning to steel. „For me, steel is not only a material, it is a metaphor for our extreme “macho”, cold, hard, strong, dirty and industrial world.“ Once she made a joke and arranged lace table cloths on an anvil, ribbon saw and driller. Contrast produced by a soft white lace on a dirty, cold steel machine was an unexpectedly nice visual experience. Then, she has started to make a collection of industrial cloths from two-cm thick steel. The art combining male, industrial and functional side and female, soft, domestic and decorative side has been created. Lane moved to live and work in New York in 2002.



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