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Young White & Fresh
by Mária Nepšinská

Markéta Nováková: Cups, 2008Young Slovak and Czech authors presented their most recent work at the exhibition of the author ceramic design entitled Young White & Fresh, held in Bratislava until mid-January 2010. The title of the exhibition reveals the central idea of this joint project: young – young, original design, white – the colour of the material (porcelain) as a medium linking the exhibiting designers, fresh – new and fresh production. The project’s objective was to introduce the new direction of ceramics design in Slovakia. Its protagonists come from different environments, but use the identical medium to express their ideas. The exhibiting authors included Martin Bu (SK), Milan Hanko (SK), Petr Hůza (CZ), Simona Janišová (SK), Markéta Nováková (CZ), Veronika Selingerová (CZ).



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