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Textile Citations and Paradoxes
by Magda Klobučníková

Eva Cisárová-Mináriková: Bonnet, woven tapestry, 200 x 300 cm, 1983 – 1984 Two major presentations of the academic painter Eva Cisárová- Mináriková were held last year. Although her work has been part of national and international applied arts exhibitions since 1971, the cited exhibition was the first extensive and solo exhibition of her work. The concept of the exhibition was based on her textile work, her other activities – pedagogy and publishing – were only referred to in the text.
During her studies, she worked simultaneously with both media – painting and textile, but she quickly succumbed to the lure of weaving on a frame. During university studies she made a number of tapestries. In the seventies, the author turned to historical textiles as a source of inspiration. She discovered suitable themes in the 16th century Flemish and French works. She cited their fragments and interpreted them in novel connections. Subsequently she created a number of works with a dominant fine arts element – a knot. Later, she wove in the knots various that acquired new meanings in the new contexts. She made a series of book objects, pattern books, and abc books from collected initials, ribbons, appliqués. The book objects created after 2000 are made through combined techniques of historical documents and textiles, with inserted natural fragments and additional painting. The last area of her work represented at the exhibition was the textile miniature, which the author has been creating for domestic and international exhibitions since the early nineties.



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