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Jubilee Rings
by Ľubica Pavlovičová

Exhibition in Galleria Cvernovka in BratislavaOn a relatively small territory of Slovak design and crafts, the competition Rings in Water has managed to maintain its standards throughout ten years of its existence and proved its viability. The retrospective show at the Cvernovka Gallery confirmed that the event Rings in Water has apparently to profile programmes of many Slovak designers. Some of them take up the theme on a regular basis (such as Sylvia Jokelová, Michal Hanula, Bety K. Majerníková, Kristýna Španihelová). In a number of cases the competition allows for the presentation of authors whose creative programmes are, to a large extent, based on the knowledge and analysis of cultural traditions. Major successes of Tibor Uhrín, Michal Hartiník and their students, Miroslav Mládenek, or the results of Zdeňek Hogh and other authors bear witness to it.
It seems that ÚĽUV, with its concept and implementation of this decade-spanning project, sets high sights for the contemporary designer community. Various artistic and material positions of the displayed exhibits managed to create a comprehensive whole, which did not come down solely to simple references to folk art. On the contrary – the old hall breathed with contemporariness and introduced works with particular programmatic goals. This is also one reason why it is crucial that continuity of events like this gets supported.



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