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Wire sculptures and objects

by Monika Váleková

Anjel by Daniela Krajčová, 2007Sculptures and objects using wire represent a specific section of visual arts. Artists use wire both in classical and modern art forms. Several wire processing methods such as manual weaving according to the traditional tinkery or textile techniques, author-specific techniques or modern technologies developed during the recent decade. Several generations of artists make wire objects and sculptures which implies various cope of topics, philosophies and concepts. It is important to mention that Bratislava-native sculptor Pavol Binder introduced manually bound wire into the Slovak visual arts, producing the author-specific concept in the 1960s. He uncovered flexibility and the specific mode of expression wire certainly has. Slovak and Czech artists have deemed the latter qualities to be interesting for fifty years already. Wire is used alone or in combination with ceramics, glass, stone, semi-precious stones, plate, forged iron, textile, paper or plastic. Having been prepared in June and July 2009 in Žilina, Wire sculptures and objects is a competition that presents the work of twenty Slovak and Czech visual artists. It refers to variety of artistic expressions and wire-specific principles which is combining into units, drawing silhouettes and intersections and layering of lines, surfaces and shapes...




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