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Rudolf Gontko – Ways to “svor”

Rudolf Gontko: “Svor” vesselby Želmíra Šípková

Rudolf Gontko has decided to work with a very demanding material – one-piece wooded “svor”. He became working with wood as a mid-aged person. Before, he worked in vehicle repair workshops for major part of his life. By learning from books and by experience, particularly by experimenting with technologies, shapes he found in books about shepherds art and in the collections of the Slovak National museum in Martin, his products have attained the appearance they have now. He has always looks up inspiration in traditional shepherds’ utensils and makes various vessels, salt cellars, ladles, cooking spoons, spoons, servers. Gontko and the ÚĽUV established cooperation in 2004 and he is a regular presenter of his works at the organisation´s events. Rudolf Gontko was awarded the master of folk art production title in 2008.




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