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Ľubica Poncik: Traditional folk golden embroidery from the Trnava region transferred to a dress, printingĽubica Poncik

by Adriena Pekárová

Ľubica Poncik (1981) graduated from the textile design department at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava three years ago. In a short time, she has built professional reputation, locally and internationally. She usually combines traditional and contemporary aspects, be it meanings, techniques, technologies or materials. She can do bobbin-lacing, weaving, sewing, textile utility object making and, she is good in organising her preparation for work.

In 2006, she was awarded a prize at the international competition Talents in Munich, Germany. She revived arts and crafts inspirations and put them into three table cloths using sublimation printing. This work represents a clear reference to traditions, embodied in pure forms and modern technologies. She transferred traditional folk golden embroidery from the Trnava region to clothing and created a visually strong motif. She was awarded the mention at the Rings in Water competition in 2008 for it. Her creative work is good for exhibiting as well as for wearing. In addition to clothing design, Ľubica makes designs of accessories, clothing accessories and jewellery.




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