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Easter eggs competition and exhibition

Ľubomír Mičko: Rivet decorated Easter eggsby Katarína Holbová

The 20th national competition and exhibition of Easter eggs was organised in March 2009 in the Museum of Natural History in the town of Trebišov. 88 participants with 1540 Easter eggs registered for the competition. The exhibition presented a wide scope of contemporary decorative techniques, 22 in total. Makers came with traditional and unique decorative techniques such as decorating with bobbin lacing, ribbons, colour beads or seeds gluing, Madeira or Richelieu embroidering, clench decorating, ink painting of floral and animal motives, synthetic painting or glass painting, self-adhesive wall-paper decorating, etc. Combining two and more decorative techniques on one Easter egg is now a very popular technique. The exhibition supported the fact that Easter egg painting is not an exclusive domain of women – 13 men participated.




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