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Rings in Water 2008

Zdeno Hogh: Meadow salt shakers, main price in category CeramicsThe first craft-oriented design competition Rings in Water was announced in 1999. Now, the biennial competition celebrates its ten-year history and the fifth annual of the competition proved that is has won recognition at a unique platform of applied art, design and craft for young artists. As the organiser, the ÚĽUV seeks to promote the competition as an activity which helps the organisation to support artistic activities borrowing inspiration from traditional folk crafts and adding contemporary aspects to them. The latest competition that was organised in 2008 welcomed the highest amount of participants and works in its history.

As much as 200+ participants with 800+ works registered for the competition. Competition conditions were updated this year – categories were again divided into wood, metal, textile, ceramics and free category (no limits on materials). Section A was for professional artists and university students and Section B was for secondary schools students. Having been announced as an international competition, participants from Czech universities and secondary schools from Prague, Ústí nad Labem, Hradec Králové a Velké Opatovice registered. A bilingual competition catalogue was published.




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