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Ľubica Potúčková A portrait of an embroidery maker

by Oľga Danglová

Table-cloths embroidered by Ľubica PotúčkováEmbroidery making and weaving were routine skills of the women in the 1950s. She left her birth-place soon to find work elsewhere. Her liking for embroidery making which is deeply rooted in the artistic tradition of the Horehronie region has never vanished. As the time went, the career of Ľubica Potúčková divided into two sections – she had a job according to her education and she also made embroideries. Her contacts with the Centre for Folk Art Production started in 1954. First, she made embroideries according to the designs of Antónia Bartková. Then, she established cooperation with visual artist Otília Kopecká. She never needed pre-drawings of the embroidery patterns and was able to make embroidery from a someone´s drawing or according to an original copy. This one of reasons why she became a collector – she inherited a collection of embroideries from her grand-father and got inspiration from originals or from published patterns. Majority of her embroideries were made for use in households. Ľubica Potúčková was awarded the title Master of folk art production in 1988.




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