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Construction set – a creative toy

by Michal Hanula

Matúš Astrab: Construction set – party gameDesigners Michal Hanula and Ľubomír Žila initiated the establishment of a course of toys and decorative items design at the Secondary School of Applied Arts in the town of Ružomberok three years ago. Construction set was one of the topics students might have chosen for their term-end projects. Their task was to use 3D folding, a health-friendly material and available technologies. Growing out of children’s clothes not long ago, they are a perfect target group for such a task. We did brainstorming first. Before concentrating on the task itself, a research and analysis of construction sets on the market were conducted. We encouraged students to use their creative potential without limitations. Then, we selected the best ideas for production purposes and for making them from fitting materials. We evaluated the projects bearing in mind requirements we had set for a toy: quality, making (technology), design, originality, practical utilisation (instructive and teaching use), and emotional aspects. Before actual realisation, models and tests of materials and construction were made. We have come to a conclusion that majority of our students achieved good results, their produced interesting designs which could make it to the mass production.




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