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Wear the News

by Eva Trojanová

Art object by Elena GregušováWear the News is an exhibition in the Umelecká beseda in Bratislava that presents the art objects of Elena Gregušová and photographs of Martin Greguš. Elena´s textile career started as early as during her secondary school studies. She won recognition in Slovakia with Navyator, a unique collection of marine clothes for women and children and now, she has redirected herself to a different activity. She has lived and worked in Vancouver, Canada for five years. It is a multinational society that came there with own cultural traditions. Elena got inspiration for her creative work from tolerance, good relations within community, impact on protection of environment and nature which are values strongly supported there. Elena has come with na ideao of using recycled paper for developing clothing design objects. Her art objects are literally “woven” from a specific type of newspaper (a Chinese, Italian, French etc. newspaper) which serves as a symbol of multinational society. Elena gets inspiration from cultural traditions of a given nation, from its art, architecture or other knowledge and produces her items by employing folk weaving techniques. In 2007, Elena Gregušová displayed her objects for the first time in Canada and won two awards, one in the open category (Mozart) and another one in the hats category (Stradivari).

By making photographs of the objects in open-air scenery, Martin Greguš seeks to add a new dimension to the artworks. The photographer arranges objects into various compositions and play with unexpected results of such combinations.




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