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In the land of crafts 2009

08The Centre for Folk Art Production announces the second year of the all-Slovakia arts and crafts competition for children and young people – In the land of crafts 2009. The competition is organised to motivate children and young people to be interested in traditional folk crafts and to learn more about the national cultural heritage, to promote their creativity in the field of crafts and to invite them to spend their free time in an innovative way. Children between 8 and 15, individuals or groups, are allowed to register for the competition. Evaluation criteria: traditional craft inspiration (a technique, material, decoration); originality, creativity; aesthetic, creative expression and craftsmanship of the products. The evaluation ends on 15 June 2009. The competition results will be announced, prizes will be awarded and the exhibition of winning items will take place in October 2009 in Banská Bystrica.




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