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Hand Picked

by Mária Nepšinská

07Lucia Ganzer graduated from the Metal and jewellery studio of the AFAD in Bratislava. Having gained experience of how commercial jewellery industry works in Vienna (Lucia worked for Christian Köhler and Florian Ladstetter), she founded the brand Hand Picked in 2006. In addition to designing own collections, Lucia started to make designs for several international brands 2008. iFlame and Blueprint are Lucia´s first jewellery collections she made as an independent artist. Currently, she is designing a new collection for the upcoming year. In her creative work, Lucia borrows from traditional crafts and transforms them into a new, innovative style with a modern concept and shapes. Her designs are developed to serve a more demanding customer - you can purchase them in Vienna, Budapest or at www.handpicked.sk.




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