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Glass capillaries

by Ela Porubänová

02Glass artist Petra Jureňová Vlhová (1980) graduated from the AFAD in Bratislava, at the glass art department headed by docent Juraj Gavula, in 2005. She is a teacher at the Art School in Trenčín and artworks she produces makes her a member of the youngest generation of Slovak artists. Petra has made interesting design solitaires as well as utility prototypes. She has presented her work at solo exhibitions (2005, 2008 – K-Gallery, Bratislava) and group presentations. She displayed her collection at the group exhibition of the graduates of the glass art department of the AFAD, organised in Trenčín in 2007 which attracted the attention of Ján Zoričák. Petra won respect of public by her innovative presentation that was displayed as part of Horizons III, the exhibition of 48 artists of the Trenčín region. Petra won the prize for glass painting at the art exhibition in Italy.




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