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Emília Mazáčová

by Anna Chlupová

Straw decoration angels Emília Mazáčová is not among the makers who inherited their skills from their father, mother, grandparents or among those who were trained to be an artisan. She received the title Master of folk art production in the field of cornhusk production which is an unknown craft to her family and in her native village of Veľké Leváre and in the neighbouring villages. She started to make cornhusk products in 1975 when the folk art production cooperative Detva had founded an operation for the production of small souvenirs and decorative products from cornhusk in the village. She learnt how to make items from cornhusk. She became an expert maker and made her own designs. In 1986, Emília Mazáčová started her collaboration with the Centre for Folk Art Production. She and ÚĽUV´s visual artist Jana Menkynová developed new versions of decorations. Emília Mazáčová is skilled in all cornhusk techniques and knows how to make all types of decorations from smooth-surface cornhusk.




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