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Bubbles from glass

The Lednické Rovne 2008 International Glass Symposium

by Michaela Fišerová

Glass object by Mária BerkyováBeing the only traditional glass symposium in Slovakia, The Lednické Rovne 2008 International Glass Symposium celebrated the eighth anniversary this September. Like before, RONA, a. s. organised and realised this year´s symposium at the premises of the glassworks and in the chateau of Lednické Rovne. Prominent European authors active in the field of fine arts and design with expertise in glass-blowing were selected to participate. Nine artists from six European countries (Finland, Great Britain, France, Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia) participated in the symposium. “Bubbles” was announced at the main topic of this year’s symposium. Artists responded to the theme by making different works that introduced various approaches to glass blowing and an overview of current trends in glass art and design. A selection of works was exhibited in the chateau and as part of The Bubbles exhibition in Bratislava in September 2008.




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