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by Mária Nepšinská

Lenka Krivá née Suchárová studied textile at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava. She spent her summer holidays and the final year at the AFAD in London. In 2006, she settled in London. After the graduation, Lenka made her first collection of handbags and builds her career by making hand-made designs, marketed under her own brand. She likes playing with shapes (a round pattern for the entire collection), structures, and space arrangement (by drafting the shape of a handbag pattern that would produce no waste fabric). Lenka likes working with firm and somehow interesting materials which she finds by Internet ordering of unique garments, remains or cheap artificial buckskin and upholstery materials. Lenka started to sell her handbags at weekend arts and crafts Greenwich Market in October 2007. She is now designing her second collection of handbags, prototypes of men’s bags, materials, and samples. Lenka she is drafting a collection of men’s coats, shirts, ties and drawing a design of a stall for men´s wear, quite an overlooked segment of the London market.




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