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Miloš Pitoňák – a family tradition descendant

by Zora Valentová

Axes valaška made by Miloš PitoňákMiloš Pitoňák is the next in the Pitoňák lineage from the village of Ždiar. His father Jozef and uncle Matej taught Miloš all he knows about making a light axe called valaška. He was awarded the title master of folk art production for the above production.

Provoked by the 1930s documentary The Earth Sings of Karol Plicka who had made several shots of the village and regularly visited Ždiar, brothers Matej and Jozef Plicka restored the production of valaška in Ždiar. Both brothers appeared in the film. After the war and when the ÚĽUV was established, valaška started to be produced for commercial purposes. Miloš used to help his father with metal plates and rings and learnt many of his skills. Collaboration of Miloš Pitoňák with the ÚĽUV started in 1968, representing 40 years of fruitful work. Professional photographer Miloš Pitoňák used to make valaška as a hobby. Now, as a pensioner, he has more time for making. He preserves the original shape and decoration of the axe. Miloš Pitoňák regularly attends folk art and crafts events.




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