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Jewellery Art Symposium Kremnica 2008

by Mária Nepšinská

Gabriela Čerťaská: BroochThe 14th international jewellery art symposium took place in the town of Kremnica. The event was organised by the jewellery designers association AURA with kind support of the Culture Ministry of SR and the Fine Arts Fund. Seven jewellery designers from Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Austria and Germany came to Kremnica in the mid July 2008. An exhibition displaying all new artworks produced during the event was organised at the premises of the Applied Arts School in Kremnica from July to September. Designers Gabriela Čerťaská, Zuzana Graus-Rudavská, Matúš Kiss, Stefanie Klemp, Bety K. Majerníková, Ulrich Reithofer and Kristýna Španihelová were invited to create artworks on standard topics. Absolute part of the whole was announced as a new theme. In addition, all designers joined their creative forces to design a piece of jewellery that would have represented creative opinions and feelings of them as a team.




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