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(Un)conventional blueprint in the textile design studio

Jana Chudobová: Books, soft furnishings, blueprintingBeáta Gerbócová, the assistant in the AFAD textile design studio: „ Maintaining links to traditional cultural heritage is one of important objectives of education in our studio. Last school year, students were assigned a task the content of which is, despite strong traditions, not very popular source of inspiration for contemporary designers. Designers are reserved working with blueprint and it is not a simple task to find utilisation for this Slovak textile technology in contemporary interior or clothing design. Our studio believed it is a challenge that can be met. The topic was defined as “the interior fabric with utilisation in contemporary architecture and reflecting current building boom“. Understanding that it is not possible to realise the project in the premises of the school, we decided for an unusual method and made design and printing of the pattern in the studio or in a silk-screen printing workshop and realisation in a blueprint workshop owned by the family of Dancinger in Olešnica.“ We produced a conventional indigo-white combination and employed an unconventional approach and realisation initiated by young designers.




Further articles in the magazine Craft, Art, Design 02/2008:


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