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by Mária Nepšinská

HedonistThere are two people behind the Hedonist brand – designer and graduate of clothing design at the AFAD Nina Joklová and marketing manager Michal Hlaváček. It is an independent Slovak fashion label specialising in limited series of extravagant clothes and accessories. Introduced to public only recently, the fashion brand specialises in selling designers´ items to young and unconventional people ready to wear extravagant clothes. The purpose of the label is to produce a specific clothing line, good quality of workmanship and the whole process (from a graphic design to the last stitch) realised in Slovakia. Aiming to capitalise on designers´ creative talents and apply unique patterns and pursue unique designs, the brand identifies opportunities how to involve Slovak visual artists and designers in their activities. Materials in the brand´s first collection were made using a sublimation printing technique. Products are currently distributed via a web page. Clothing design is not embedded in the history of Slovakia and Bratislava and there is lack of galleries selling designers´ clothes.




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