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Embroidery ready-to-be-eaten

by Adriena Pekárová

Embroidery inspired meals are being doneArt and craft of the Slovak folk embroidery is a magical heritage. Rich in colours and ornaments, embroidery is an admired and inspiring technique in the field of textile art. Besides, embroidery has its allure for other creative disciplines. Students and academic painter and head of crafts and design studio (Department of Fine Arts of the School of Education at the Catholic University in Ružomberok) Marta Bošelová made a formal table comprising embroidery-inspired meals. “…now, food is one of the most attractive and “digestible” forms of art presentation. It was a coincidence that we got inspiration from folk embroidery. It started when we and the department of Slovak language and literature organised an international conference The Principles of a linguistic analysis in phraseology. Phraseology studies fixed collocations which represent our cultural identity, tradition and uniqueness which are essential for the project Embroidery ready-to-be-eaten. We made Revúca-based embroidery from cheese threads, fresh sheep cheese, bryndza, bread, vegetable and fruit. We served chocolate collars as a dessert.”

“…I feel close to folk art. It is an inspiration for my agenda as an artist. My dream is to establish a collection of folk textiles that students can examine by eyes, fingers, and nose and get inspiration from the fabrics. The Liptov region remains “an unploughed field“. Recently, I saved some clothes from the village of Liptovská Osada from destruction. We are going to use the clothes at the international workshop The Fragment to fragment as part of the project Transformation of folk ornament into contemporary mediums.”




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