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Studio of textile design in Frankfurt, Germany

by Beata Gerbocová

Held each beginning of a year, a spectacular contract textile design fair is organised in the German city of Frankfurt situated on the River Maine. The fair is attractive for several reasons; one of them is the Trends section setting colours, structures and fabric motifs for an upcoming season. Another reason attracting many buyers and investors is the concentration of „fresh“ designs in the Design section. The section helps textile designers to market their know-how.

Being part of Heimtextil Fair, the Campus section gives students from Europe's institutions of higher education the chance to present their own textile designs. AFAD´s Studio of Textile Design headed by Mgr. Art. Mária Fulková was invited to participate in the event for the second time. The studio was invited to participate in the Rooms for free project. Established by owners of German textile companies, this international forum links sixteen prominent European design academies and universities in, for example Berlin, Łòdź, Copenhagen, Helsinki, Linz, Budapest or Prague. The forum serves as room where gifted textile designers may meet and for developing cooperation between European textile schools. Slovakia does not have the potential to be a competition for countries with long and rich tradition of textile industry. A Slovak designer, however, may use their creative potential to achieve the most daring goals. Not origin but knowledge is important.




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